Breathe On Peppers

There is so much in life that we take for granted. And with the human condition that allows our brain to fill in missing pieces of information, we take more for granted because we don’t pay attention.

With the advent of technology, we have more tools to help fill in the holes in our lives and allow us to miss more. Autocorrect on our devices is one of those tools. Voice recognition is another. We certainly should be diligent in using these tools, in case the unexpected becomes the normal.

Often, when I am not near a pen and paper, I’ll use those tools to assist me in collecting my random and profound thoughts. While driving and contemplating the contents of this book, I attempted to speak my words into an app on my phone. The particular thought I was articulating was to consider taking a moment in our lives to stop and breathe – purposely.

With my accent and the ambient noise, the software conspired to record “breathe on purpose” as “breathe on peppers”.

Under normal circumstances, when this kind of “mistake” happens, it is simply ignored, corrected, and we move along without another thought. But something about this particular transcription error spoke to me. It signified a new way of looking at the world – something different, something that stood out a little, something unusual. Which fits with my philosophy of encouraging all of us to adjust our perspective and see the world through new eyes on a regular basis.

Would people pick up a book titled “Breathe On Peppers”? Would they be intrigued enough to open the book and read a few words – and from there, read more? Apparently, you have! Welcome to my world. Welcome to my wisdom and philosophy. I encourage you to find your own. I encourage you to spread your light. May this book be the encouragement you have been seeking.

See every mistake as an opportunity.

Breathe. On Peppers!